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  • Plugin deal:

    Need help with functional annotation of gene or protein sequences?

    If you buy a CLC Genomics Workbench license, you get a one-year license for the Blast2GO PRO plugin!

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  • 90-day

    Trial License

    To help make sequencing data analysis easier, all labs or organizations that own a benchtop NGS sequencing instrument can get a 90-day trial license for CLC Genomics Workbench or CLC Cancer Research Workbench.

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  • Focus:

    Cancer research

    Unraveling the complexity of cancer. Expedite your understanding of cancer with CLC Cancer Research Workbench - download a 14-day trial

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  • User-friendly


    Our software is made for biologists by biologists, so it’s easy to analyze, visualize, and compare DNA, RNA, and Protein data, as well as run advanced workflows with large and complicated datasets.

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