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Our own Senior Bioinformatics Specialist, Dr. Anika Joecker, shares her thoughts on some of the major computational challenges of genome sequencing.

Together with other experts in academia and industry*, Anika has been asked by Nature Biotechnology about innovations needed within the fields of genome assembly and interpretation of these genomes and data.

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*The ten experts interviewed for this Q&A by Nature Biotechnology:

    Shawn Baker, CSO, BlueSEQ
    Anika Joecker, Senior Bioinformatics Specialist, CLC bio
    George Church, Professor of Genetics, Harvard Medical School
    Steven Salzberg, Director, Center for Computational Biology, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine
    Elizabeth Worthey, Assistant Professor, Medical College of Wisconsin
    Todd Smith, Senior Leader Research and Applications, PerkinElmer
    Jun Wang, Executive Director, BGI
    Jeffrey G. Reid, Research Assistant Professor, Baylor College of Medicine
    Michael Snyder, Professor and Chair of Genetics, Stanford
    John West, CEO, Personalis