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Joint workshop

Together with BioBam Bioinformatics Solutions we hereby announce our first joint workshop: From raw sequencing data to a functional annotated genome

Where: Brisbane, Australia

When: January 21-23, 2013

As the title indicates, the workshop is centered around the complete workflow from raw sequencing data (reads) to a functional annotated genome.

The workflows in the workshop are centered around topics and tools as “de novo assembly” and “gene finding” and other tools that can be found in the software offerings from us, as well as the unique “Blast2GO” functionality from BioBam, that can make functional annotations based on sophisticated algorithms using blast and gene ontologies.


As a participant in this workshop, you will get the unique chance to be one of the first to use and learn about the brand new Blast2GO plugin for CLC Genomics Workbench, that combines the unique software offerings of ours and BioBam Bioinformatics Solutions, which makes it possible to complete the full workflow from sequencing data to functional annotations with one single user-friendly software tool.

To get more information about the workshop and to register:

If you’re curious about Blast2GO or BioBam, please find more information below: – Blast2GO – BioBam

If you have any question, please don’t hesitate to ask