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Many of you will have received quotes for Maintenance, Upgrades and Support (MUS) cover for licenses recently. But what is MUS and what does having it mean for you?

The M and U in MUS stand for Maintenance and Upgrades

If your licenses are covered by the MUS program, you will be able to install and run the latest version of the CLC software. This means you get access to all the improvements, additions and fixes that our development team has been hard at work on.

The latest improvements pages for our products give you details about the type of functionality introduced in the different versions of the software. You can find these linked online on: These pages include some of the most exciting additions and changes released on October 28, 2014, along with the changes to earlier versions.

The S in MUS stands for Support

Customers using CLC products with a license covered by the MUS program are eligible to receive support from our fast and responsive support team. Everyone has access to our manuals, website, tutorials and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) area of course, but with MUS cover for your license, you can contact our Support team directly when questions not covered in those resources come up or when you have issues using the software. Our support team are happy to work with you and our developers to address issues as they arise.

If you have questions about your MUS invoice, feel free to contact our finance team at