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Cupcakes and Science

Tuesday January 15, we held a workshop at the PAG 2013 conference in San Diego.

We had guest speakers presenting their interesting research, and we presented our brand new Microbial Genome Finishing Module.

We would like to thank all who stopped by – we really appreciate it.

The agenda

The workshop was kicked off by Lasse Görlitz, our VP of Communications, telling the story of how CLC bio arose from an idea by two brothers, Bjarne and Thomas Knudsen, and what CLC bio and cake-driven innovation have in common. After Lasse, Dr. Marta Matvienko, one of our many field application scientists, gave a brief introduction of our product line and features.
– Download Matvienko’s presentation

Guest speakers

To get a better understanding of what can actually be achieved when working with our products, we invited some of our customers to be guest speakers and present their research.

Our first guest speaker was Dr. Burkhard Steuernagel from The Sainsbury Laboratory. He gave a presentation about “Assembling of the barley genome”, that was recently published in Nature ( – international weekly journal of science).

Following, Ajay Athavale and Bindu Raghavan from Monsanto, went on stage with their presentation about “High Throughput Plasmid Sequencing with Illumina and CLC bio”, where they gave insights on what they work with and why they choose our enterprise solution.

Ana Conesa, from Centro de Investigación Príncipe Felipe Valencia, was next up, and presented a talk on “Analysis of fungal transcriptomics with CLC Genomics Workbench and Blast2GO”.

The workshop was concluded by Igor Kardailsky, one of our bioinformatics scientists, who recapped the day with a talk about our collaborative research projects and development.
– Download Kardailsky’s presentation

Did you know…

…that we have a website completely dedicated to agricultural genomics? You can find it here:

…and you can find all our plant and animal genomics application notes here: