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Our 2012 survey of the NGS market was completed by 708 respondents, a satisfying increase of 67% on our similar survey from 2011.

The results mentioned in this blog are only a preview of the findings, but you can find a link to all the results at the bottom of this page.

Who was part of the survey?

Many people incorrectly assume that our annual survey is sent to existing CLC bio customers. It was distributed through our monthly newsletter and twitter , and not by direct mailing to our customers. This is reflected in the 27% of respondents that didn’t know about our software before taking part in the survey.


The respondents are located worldwide, from Panama, Madagascar and Yemen, to Iceland, Greece and New Zealand. In total 73 countries are represented, and below you’ll see the top eleven countries, and the types of organizations they work for.

Sneak peak preview

Most popular applications

73% are working with NGS analysis, which is an increase of more than 28% from last year’s survey, when it was only 57%. One of the more interesting discoveries is about the primary application areas that people work with. Whole genome sequencing came in first, closely followed by RNA-Seq and do novo sequencing.

Download all the results

The findings mentioned here are just a sneak peak. You can see all the results and see how Illumina is dominating the NGS market, which applications are most popular, and much more in the PDF.

– Download results of survey here

Survey 2012

The winners are…

Thanks to all who participated in the survey – we really appreciate it!

Everyone who completed the survey was entered into a draw for one of two iPad minis. The lucky winners are: Karen Ambrose from Rutgers University and Tim Stockwell from JCVI. Congratulations


If you have any questions or feedback, please let me know:

Thanks again, Anja