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Additional Alignments

This extension allows for use of two other alignment methods which are otherwise not distributed with CLC Workbench.

Alignment methods

Three different alignment methods are included in this extension: ClustalW, ClustalO and Muscle. For more detailed information on each of the alignment methods we encourage you to read the original research papers and the respective websites of the different methods. This paper describes some of the below mentioned algorithms and their strengths [Edgar and Batzoglou, 2006].

MethodWebsite PublicationPlatform
ClustalWMore information Thomsen et al., 1994Cross-platform
ClustalOMore information Sievers et al., 2011Cross-platform
MuscleMore information Edgar, 2004b; Edgar, 2004aCross-platform

When the plug-in is installed, you will see the new alignment methods in the Toolbox under Alignments and Trees -> Additional Alignments.