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Ingenuity Pathway Analysis

The Ingenuity Pathway Analysis plugin allows you to upload genes and expression data directly from the CLC bio analysis to the Ingenuity Pathway Analysis (IPA) tools for downstream biological interpretation.

IPA is a solution that helps researchers model, analyze, and understand complex biological systems by linking incoming data with known information regarding molecular interactions, cellular phenotypes, and disease processes.

The IPA plugin allows direct upload of one or more genes of interest from the CLC bio analysis, or upload of entire datasets from RNA Seq samples, such as the expression levels of all transcripts. In addition, differential expression results from either microarray data or RNA Seq data can be uploaded from the CLC bio tools to IPA.

All or filtered results of the most interesting genes can be uploaded, and one can now study up and down regulation of genes in pathway view in IPA, and identify the most prominent biological processes involved in ones experiment, as well as have access to associated literature.

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