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KLAST Plugin (4 cores)

KLAST is a high-performance sequence similarity search tool.

KLAST is a fast, accurate and NGS scalable bank-to-bank sequence similarity search tool providing significant accelerations of seed-based heuristic comparison methods, such as the Blast suite of algorithms.

Relying on unique software architecture, KLAST takes full advantage of recent multi-core personal computers without requiring any additional hardware devices.

KLAST is a general purpose sequence similarity search tool. Therefore, it is available for use on a large panel of applications, such as gene identification, genome comparison & annotation, metagenomics, industrial biotechnology, agricultural and health genomics, bioinformatics education and more.


  • Easy way to use the KLAST sequence comparison search tool by way of graphical components
  • Prepare search jobs using sequence files available in CLC Bio Workbenches
  • Prepare reference databanks from public and personal sources; accepted format are FASTA, Genbank, EMBL, Genpept, Uniprot, Silva and BOLD
  • Compare two large sets of sequence databanks in a single run on your desktop computer
  • Analyse results with graphical tables and sequence viewers
  • Export data as spreadsheet compatible text files
  • Use a fully integrated data filtering engine capable of selecting relevant hits with user-defined criteria (E-Value, identity, coverage, alignment length, etc.).
  • Introduce biological classification data (GeneOntology, Enzyme, NCBI Taxonomy, etc.) within the KLAST results
  • Does not require any additional hardware, since it is a software solution. It is easy to install, cost-effective and takes full advantage of multi-core processors


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The plugin is easily installed from within the Workbench:

  1. Click Plugins in the Toolbar
  2. Click the tab Download Plugins
  3. Select the plugin you wish to install
  4. Click the Download and Install button

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Alternatively, you can download the plugin.

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