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Paracel BLAST Evaluation

The Paracel BLAST plugin integrates the command line tool Paracel Blast (PB) into the CLC Workbench.

PB improves the normal performance of BLAST by distributing its execution to a cluster of PB worker nodes, thereby completing the search much faster.The purpose of the integration is to be able to use PB directly from a CLC Workbench without having specific command line knowledge. Doing so combines the power of PB and the simplicity of the CLC Workbench. Once the search is complete the results are imported into the CLC Workbench where they can be visualized and used like data from any other BLAST search.

This evaluation version provides a CLC Server and PB cluster to let anyone test the integration into the CLC Workbench, and the speed of PB.


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The plugin is easily installed from within the Workbench:

  1. Click Plugins in the Toolbar
  2. Click the tab Download Plugins
  3. Select the plugin you wish to install
  4. Click the Download and Install button

Download from

Alternatively, you can download the plugin.

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