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CLC bio

From start-up in 2005 to market leader in bioinformatics software today.


CLC bio

We’re the world’s leading bioinformatics software developers and the only ones providing an analysis platform where both desktop and server software are seamlessly integrated and optimized for best performance.

Our wide range of analyses are available both through a user-friendly graphical user-interface as well as through command-line, allowing scientists to choose their preferred interface.

By developing our own proprietary algorithms, based on published methods, we have successfully accelerated the data calculations to achieve remarkable improvements in speed over comparable solutions.

Our enterprise platform serves as the backbone of sequence analysis pipelines for a large number of the world’s most prominent research institutions. With around 2000 different organizations as our customers around the globe, including the ten biggest pharmaceutical companies in the world, we have established ourselves as the market-leader in sequence analysis software.

One of our key strategies is to be ‘cross-platform’, which means we support all the major next generation sequencing platforms as well as traditional Sanger-based sequencing, effectively giving our customers a one-stop-shop for their analysis needs across all sequencing platforms.

Scientific focus

A result of Science

Our slogan is ‘a result of science’ and we maintain a strong scientific focus by initializing and participating in various research projects around the world, including multiple projects funded by grants.

Our commitment to science and biology in general underpins the latest technological developments, spanning from next generation sequencing based molecular diagnostics to computational drug discovery to complex plant genome research. Employees at CLC bio actively publish papers in renowned scientific journals as part of projects and research that we participate in, and it has repeatedly been demonstrated in academic publications, white-papers, and third party benchmarks, that our software is both scientifically accurate and fast.


The Story of CLC bio

CLC bio was founded by two brothers, Thomas and Bjarne Knudsen after spending all of 2004 developing a business plan. Thomas has a background as an accountant at KPMG and partner at Deloitte while Bjarne has a PhD and postdoc in bioinformatics, effectively creating a dynamic duo in the management team with equal parts business savvy and scientific clout.

They raised the initial two million US dollars in equity capital and government backed loans. The first 3 employees were hired after being interviewed in Thomas’ living room.

Geniematics CLC bio started operations on January 3, 2005, in the beautiful harbor city of Aarhus in Denmark. We quickly had some working prototypes, but within a couple of months we had our first crisis meeting: An American company with an almost similar name to Geniematics asked us to find a new name – and so we did: CLC bio! By the end of year one, we were 14 employees at the first annual christmas lunch.

We launched our first commercial product in November 2005 and not long after we had sold the first licenses.

In the Summer of 2008 we released our most popular software package to date, CLC Genomics Workbench. We also reached the magic barrier of one million downloads of our software in 2008 and today we have around 250000 users of our free and commercial software packages.

In September 2012 we acquired our first company, Molegro, to add their portfolio of world-leading drug discovery algorithms to our bioinformatics ecosystem.

We have grown significantly since we started in the small office incubator next to the university and we now have our own offices in ten countries around the world for our more than 100 employees – the majority working in development and consulting. In October 2013 QIAGEN acquired CLC bio.


Cake-driven Innovation

While the acronym behind the “CLC” part of CLC bio remains a secret with the founding brothers, it has been suggested that it stands for Cake-Loving Company.

While this is not correct, it certainly is true! We celebrate birthdays, weddings, new cars, new houses, vacations, important milestones in sales, record deals, and of course product releases with cake. With more than 100 employees this turns out to quite a few pieces of cake every year. Very nice.

To balance the cake intake, many employees bike to work – some up to 50 kilometers every day, except in the winter. We also have a running team which regularly competes in the local area against other companies and sports clubs. Printed on our running shirts it says I hate running – but I love cake.

Everything we do is a result of science. And cake.