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Career at CLC bio

Take your career to the next level in a casual yet ambitious work environment.

Working at CLC bio

We’re the world’s leading bioinformatics software company and that is not by coincidence. Our team of scientists, software developers, sales managers, business developers, and other employees are truly world class. This is backed up by the fact that 30% of our employees have a PhD and another 50% hold a master degree.

Once an employee joins CLC bio, they rarely leave again. It’s always been like that and while we do like cake and eat it often, the real reasons for people to stick around are different. We cherish a very down-to-earth culture where everyone have access to anyone inside the organization – a flat hierachy with a lot of collaborations across the different departments. We’re also very relaxed so don’t be surprised if you see people dressing very informal or walking barefoot at the headquarters. But don’t mistake that for a lack of ambitions. We encourage diversity and authenticity.

Most importantly however, when you work at CLC bio we strive to challenge you. And keep doing it. We hire the best employees and then we trust you to always choose the best solutions, rather than having a manager telling you what to do and how to do it.

If you think this sounds interesting and something you’d like to be a part of, you’re welcome to check out our current job openings .

Check out our current job openings here

Living in Aarhus

In 2012 Reader’s Digest published an article , putting CLC bio’s hometown and the site of our headquarters, Aarhus, as one of the four happiest cities on this planet together with Singapore, San Luis Obispo in California, and Monterrey in Mexico.

During the last half of the previous decade, news reports started coming out , stating that Denmark is the happiest country in the world. The attention peaked internationally when Oprah came to Denmark in 2009 and covered the subject . We still rank very high in Forbes’ list, but more importantly in Nature’s 2012 survey (PDF) also puts Denmark at the top of countries to work in among scientists!

Aarhus is recognized as the happiest city within Denmark and it’s not hard to believe with around around 15% of the 300000 residents affiliated with the local Aarhus University – a global top 100 university. Especially not, when you live and work here, within a 10-minute biking distance of forest, beach, and open sea.

The article in Reader’s Digest mentions a 68% tax-rate and that is not accurate – it’s typically in the 40-50% range for most people working in Denmark, with a few below and above that. It’s worth noting that healthcare and free education are some of the benefits that are included with the taxes.