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The Management Team

Executive management

Thomas Knudsen
Chief Executive Officer

Thomas Knudsen has a background as bachelor of science in economics and business administration, as well as a master of science in business administration and auditing from Aarhus School of Business. In addition to this, Thomas has a background as state authorized public accountant.

Thomas worked as accountant and auditor in KPMG from 1994. From 2001 he was local serviceline leader in Arthur Andersen’s and later he was a partner in Deloitte as well as part of the Danish Business Process Outsourcing leadership team. Thomas’ primary focus areas at CLC bio are business development, financials, and executive management.

In his spare time, Thomas is an avid runner having completed several marathons and half marathons.

Bjarne Knudsen
Chief Scientific Officer

Bjarne Knudsen has a minor in mathematics, a minor in chemistry, and a major in molecular biology, as well as a PhD degree in bioinformatics from the University of Aarhus. From 2002, Bjarne did a postdoc in the lab of professor Michael M. Miyamoto at the University of Florida.

Since the start of CLC bio, Bjarne has worked with the development and implementation of a large number of bioinformatics algorithms, including RNA structure prediction, protein functional studies, protein and DNA evolution, studies of HIV, population genetics, and other areas. One of Bjarne’s specialities is molecular evolution.

Bjarne has been exploring and diving in caves for many years and has lately taken up sailing.

Michel Seidelin
VP Global Sales & Support

Michel Seidelin has a master in biology and chemistry as well as a PhD in biology from the University of Southern Denmark. After completing his PhD in 1999, Michel held postdoc positions at the Institute of Biology at University of Southern Denmark and at the Department of Life Sciences at the Roskilde University.

In 2002 Michel was hired as the Head of Laboratories at Taconic Europe, while also working as an external lecturer at the Institute of Medical Microbiology and Immunology at Aarhus University. After joining CLC bio in 2007 as a key account manager, Michel has been leading our sales organisations around the globe since 2010.

Outside of CLC bio, Michel spends time with his family and goes fishing when he gets the chance. The biggest Atlantic salmon he caught was a 25-pounder, 108 centimeters long, he says.

Roald Forsberg
VP Research & Development

Roald Forsberg has a master in biology as well as a PhD degree in bioinformatics and population genetics from Aarhus University. In 2002 Roald moved to England to work as a postdoc at the Department of Statistics at the University of Oxford.

In 2003 Roald returned to Aarhus to work as an assistant professor at Aarhus University, teaching evolutionary virology among other subjects. At CLC bio Roald has been managing our research and development department since 2005 and was instrumental in our 2007 strategy revision, to go all in on next generation sequencing.

When Roald isn’t working and spending time with his family, he’s active in martial arts and also likes to go hunting when opportunity arises.

Lasse Görlitz
VP Communications

Lasse Görlitz holds a degree in marketing management from the Danish Business Academy as well as a certificate in entrepreneurship and business incubation from the Business Council of Southern Denmark.

Since graduating in 1999, Lasse has been part of multiple startups, among others pioneering digital marketing in Denmark from the year 2000 and advising many of the biggest Danish companies on their initial digital strategies. Joining CLC bio in 2005 as the first sales and marketing employee, Lasse has been leading the efforts to build the brand, marketing, and communications from scratch.

Other than being a judge in the annual Danish hotdog-making competition, Lasse is also a certified whitewater rafting guide and is in the process of becoming a licensed racing driver.

Kenneth Johansen
VP Finance

Kenneth G. Johansen holds a bachelor degree in business economics from the International Business Academy in Kolding as well as a master in accounting and finance from the Aarhus School of Business.

From 1998 Kenneth worked as an auditor at KPMG until continuing his career as the chief administrative officer at the internationally renowned architects, Schmidt Hammer Lassen, in 2006. After joining CLC bio in 2007, Kenneth has been heading our global finance and administration.

Kenneth spends his spare time with his family and likes design and architecture, having completed two full house builds.

Other management

  • Richard Lussier, Director of Business, Americas
  • Wayne Hsu, Director of Business, AsiaPac
  • Ernst Arnoldi, Director of Sales, EMEA
  • Ben Turner, Director Global Consulting Sales
  • Jannick Bendtsen, Director Consulting Services
  • Henrik Sandmann, Director Custom Development
  • Mikael Flensborg, Director Global Partner Relations
  • Søren Mønsted, Director Product Development
  • Frank Garbelmann, Director Human Resources