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Customized Viewing

Every project may require unique ways of viewing the result. Eg. this can be user specified coloring of tables which highlights specific results. Alternative and more intuitive user interfaces to SQL databases or other data resources is also possible and even dynamic menus created on result tables

Algorithm Development

Specialized algorithms

We design bioinformatics algorithms that are customized to your exact needs, reducing your costs, and increasing the accuracy of your analysis.

Our team of experienced PhD’s in bioinformatics, mathematics, and computer science are specialized in algorithm design and implementation.

Examples of cost saving algorithms are

  • Algorithms for better design of expression array experiments in genomic research. Such algorithms – based on our unique way of analyzing EST data – can in some cases reduce expression array costs by 50%
  • Algorithms for specialized primer design. Significant costs can e.g. be saved by taking di-methylation into account when designing PCR experiments

Workflow Support

Workflow automation

Let our consultants help you improve your daily task with an automated and scaleable workflow. By automating tedious tasks the final results are more pron to errors introduced by human mistakes and make more time to analyse interesting cases in depth.

Examples of workflows

  • Influenza analysis data going from raw Sanger data to producing tabular data ready for Tessy
  • Semi-automated download of sequences and thorough analysis of RT-PCR primer/probe data
  • Retrieval of data from LIMS, thorough analysis of predicted epitopes and push back result data to LIMS
  • Thorough analysis of cancer samples and special reporting
  • Assembly and analysis of antibodies and reporting