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Education & Training

CLC Academy

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Specialized training

CLC Academy offers a practical course in the use of our bioinformatics solutions.

Training in our bioinformatics solutions is carried out by product specialists with in-depth knowledge of our solutions, ensuring that the course participants get detailed product knowledge that helps them in their daily work.

The courses typically range from one to four days, depending on the subjects to be covered and how much scientific background information is needed. The scientific courses are customized to fit the exact needs of our customer.

You are free to choose whether you prefer an on-line course, a training event at CLC bio’s regional headquarters, or the course to be held at your site.

Workbench training

We offer both standard and customized modules. The basic modules are introductory courses usually lasting one day, containing the most important concepts while the advanced modules are longer courses that take the participants into every corner of the topic. The length and content of customized modules are fully up to the customer to decide. For more informations, please contact us here –