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Data Integration

Integration of existing data sources

Integration with LIMS or proprietary databases

Our consulting team can assist in creating a solution which can take use of your own proprietary data sources. Often are existing data repositories a very central turning point in large organization and is in a highly connected infrastructure.

We can adjust existing tools to search and retrieve in existing databases and carry out data manipulations and viewing in a CLC workbench. Moreover can data be pulled from LIMS systems either as data to be analysed but also as parameters for the actual analysis.

Thus, all data storage is carried out in a proprietary system but only the analysis is carried out in our framework.

Metadata handling

Adding an extra layer of data

Get your existing data transferred to our metadata system for easy integration with new information and research results generated from your CLC solution.

An extra layer of data – metadata – can be defined freely as needed by you and added to our metadata system.

A few examples

  • Physical location of primers and vectors
  • Freezer position
  • Number of samples at a given location
  • “Has the report or result been quality checked?” (yes/no)
  • LIMS identifiers
  • Research project ID

The metadata are “searchable” by any user having access to the underlying data, and it is thus easy to get an overview of e.g. content of a freezer, data related to a given research project, or research results not yet quality checked.