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Enterprise solution


We provide several solutions for building and managing a modern and efficient enterprise-wide bioinformatics platform in organizations of any size; from the small biotech start-up to the large pharmaceutical or agricultural company.

Three-tier architecture

The core of our enterprise solution is a three-tier client, server and database solution.

We offer two server variants:

  • CLC Science Server – a solution for building all your bioinformatics analyses into one single bioinformatics platform that is accessible from Web clients as well as from other clients like e.g. CLC Workbenches.
  • CLC Genomics Server – including all benefits of CLC Science Server as well as a number of high-performance computing enabled next generation sequencing data analyses.

The data backend would be either your file-system, your existing database environment, CLC Bioinformatics Database, or a combination of the three.

The three-tier architecture of CLC Science Server is designed to provide full flexibility on the client-side, on the database backend, and on integration with other bioinformatics applications.

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