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Aarhus, Denmark — March 12, 2013 — Today CLC bio released CLC Microbial Genome Finishing Module, an add-on module to CLC Genomics Workbench, which has been developed to help finish the assembly of small genomes.

CLC Microbial Genome Finishing Module is a collection of tools with different functionalities to identify, visualize, and solve problems in genome assemblies. The tools are:

  • Align Contigs. Aligns contigs to a reference sequence or, in the absence of a reference, to the contigs themselves.

  • Analyze Contigs. Analyzes the contig read mappings for possible misassemblies, single strandedness, coverage, broken pairs, and unaligned ends.

  • Collect Paired Reads Statistics. Detects paired reads that map to separate contigs.

  • Create Amplicons. Places amplicon annotations on sequences. Used before the Primer Creator to subdivide regions of interest into fragments of suitable sizes.

  • Create Primers. Automates primer design for re-sequencing purposes.

  • Add Reads to Contigs. Adds additional sequence data to existing contigs.

  • Sample Reads. Allows a user-defined reduction in the number of reads.

  • Find Sequence. Searches for names, sequence strings, or annotations in de novo assemblies, mappings, and sequencing data.

  • Reassemble Regions. Reassembles selected regions in contigs. Useful for solving small misassemblies.

  • Extend Contigs. Extends contigs with existing reads.


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