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Vienna, Austria — October 10, 2012 — Today at the Bio-IT World conference in Vienna, CLC bio officially released the white paper on its new read mapping algorithm, which is included in the current releases of CLC Genomics Workbench version 5.5 and CLC Genomics Server version 4.5.

The white paper covers four human datasets from the Illumina GAII, Roche 454 Titanium, Life Technologies Ion Torrent PGM, and PacBioRS platforms, and benchmarks CLC bio’s read mapper for performance and accuracy against the open source read mappers BWA, Bowtie2, and SMALT.

Highlights from the white paper include mapping of almost 99% of 1.34 billion paired-end Illumina reads in 5 hours, compared to 28 hours and 99% for Bowtie2, 41 hours and 96% for SMALT, and 60 hours and 95% for BWA. CLC bio’s new read mapper scales extremely well with multi-processor machines, enabling up to 35-fold decrease in time to finish a read mapping, and delivers the highest accuracy in almost all the benchmarks.

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Read an executive brief on the benchmarks and download the white paper

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