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Molegro Virtual Docker 5.5 released.

A new ‘Energy Maps’ tool provides volumetric visualization of protein force fields. This makes it possible to understand why a compound interacts with a given receptor, and may provide insights on how to improve the binding.

We also added a new execution mode in the Docking Wizard: ‘Run Docking in Multiple Processes’. This makes it possible to run medium sized jobs on a local machine, while utilizing multiple CPU cores and even multiple GPU graphics cards. For large jobs on multiple machines, Molegro Virtual Grid should still be used.

The ray-tracer has been improved to more closely match the live 3D view output. This makes it possible to create high resolution renderings of the 3D view.

Existing customers may download Molegro Virtual Docker 5.5 here: .

If you want to try Molegro Virtual Docker, try the free 30-day trial – no strings attached!

Watch this video to see some of the new features in action:

Molegro Molecular Viewer upgraded to version 2.5.

It includes the new volumetric visualization features of MVD 5.5, and the improvements to the ray tracer.

Molegro Molecular Viewer can be freely downloaded here.

Existing users may upgrade Molegro Molecular Viewer by choosing ‘Help | Check for updates…’ from within MMV.