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CLC Genomics Machine

Genomics Machine


Turnkey solution for large full-genome analyses

CLC Genomics Machine is a turnkey solution including a lightning fast hardware platform with pre-installed enterprise software focusing on high-throughput sequencing data analysis – ready to function straight out of the box.

In addition, CLC Genomics Machine comes with several CLC Genomics Workbenches for user-friendly NGS data analysis on your own desktop computer.


0h 13m 07sRoche 454-Titanium
Read mapping: Human GRCh37, 2.8 million reads, read length: 569 bp, 1,6 GigaBases
0h 21m 03sIon Torrent
Read mapping: Human GRCh37, 11.6 million reads, read length: 251 bp, 2.89 GigaBases
1h 04m 43sPacBioRs
Read mapping: Human GRCh37, 1.7 million reads, read length: 555 bp, 0.95 GigaBases
17h 12m 59sIllumina GAII (paired)
Read mapping: Human GRCh37, 1.34 billion reads, read length: 100/102 bp, 136 GigaBases

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Architectonical overview of the turnkey solution CLC Genomics Machine. A powerful three-tier software solution installed ready to plug-and-play together with your CLC Genomics Workbench(es).




Future-proof with integration of 3rd party software

With CLC Developer Kit (SDK) it is possible to customize and expand the functionality of a CLC solution on both client-side (CLC Genomics Workbench) and server-side (CLC Genomics Server) in every relevant aspect, giving you the flexibility of creating exactly the bioinformatics solution that you prefer. This makes it a highly future-proof solution, where new requirements appear regularly.

  • Full integration of all your bioinformatics algorithms in one program
  • Development of plugins that integrates all your specialized bioinformatics algorithms
  • Advanced database searches in local and all global databases
  • Storage of bioinformatics data in your own database
  • Graphical and textual viewing of data in any way you want
  • Full IT-support of your workflow

Anybody with knowledge of Java can develop plugins. If you like, you can choose to let our world class bioinformaticists and computer scientist help you in the process, or you can let us do all the development work, based on your requirement specifications.

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CLC Genomics Machine is a turnkey solution providing your organization with a wide range of high-throughput sequencing data analyses. Some of them are:

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