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CLC Genomics Server

A flexible enterprise level infrastructure and analysis backbone for next generation sequencing data analysis.

Genomics Server


Centralized Bioinformatics Analyses

CLC Genomics Server is an advanced high-throughput sequencing focused three-tier solution offering secure, powerful, and flexible bioinformatics computing on a server-architecture located centrally in your organization.

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CLC Genomics Server - Three-tier

Good reasons to invest in a CLC Genomics Server

  • Compute resource management: Central execution platform with flexible queuing system, designed for your bioinformatics analysis and services.
  • Flexible: Based on a three-tier system architecture to offer maximum security and flexibility within fields of biology and bioinformatic computing.
  • Premium system-clients: Offers maximum client-flexibility with support for our user-friendly and award winning CLC Genomics Workbench as a premium system-client.
  • Customizable: Highly customizable on both client-side and server-side using our SDK or various command line tools.
  • Scalable: Highly scalable with support for CLC Server Nodes.
  • Advanced data I/O: Offers an advanced and customizable data-import/export framework, that also can be used for data conversion.
  • Shared data: Store your data on central storage. This can be either a file system, CLC Bioinformatics Database or on a custom designed database scheme.


CLC Genomics Server gives you a unique and stable software architecture core that makes it possible to apply a range of bioinformatics analysis-services on your high-throughput sequencing data.

The server platform makes it possible to deploy your own scientific software services in a centralized three-tier software architecture, with full support of your existing IT infrastructure. Examples could be existing tools from the open source and commercial communities or tools you have developed in-house.

The server administrators can furthermore decide if certain groups should not be allowed to run certain analyses. This can be controlled also for each external application configuration .

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Available bioinformatics analyses

Most of the analyses available on CLC Genomics Workbench can be executed on CLC Genomics Server. See the full list .

Examples of available analyses

Design custom workflows to support your science

With CLC Command Line Tools of CLC Genomics Server, it is possible to define your own workflows. This is done in terms of scripts that interact with the CLC Command Line Tools. With the solution a sample script workflow is given, that imports NGS reads, maps the reads to a reference, followed by variant detection:

For more information, read the user manual and the product sheet.

Supported data formats

The data formats supported on CLC Genomics Server is the same as for CLC Genomics Workbench. Learn more.

Three-tier architecture


CLC Genomics Workbench is the premium and award-winning client for our Enterprise Solutions. It gives the user full control of all bioinformatics analyses on CLC Genomics Server in terms of service-invocation and monitoring. Learn more.

The server also comes with an administrative web interface and command line tools, and there is even the option to design your own client. Learn more.


Right from the start, CLC Genomics Server has been designed for advanced customization. This makes it one of the most flexible bioinformatics platforms in the world.

There are several approaches and options for customization to choose from. Learn more.

Data Management

CLC Genomics Server comes with a flexible data management solution, which is based on years of experience with large amounts of genomics data. This ensures a smooth handling and viewing of data across networks, based on user actions. Learn more.


CLC Genomics Server has support for a CLC Job Node setup as well as for integration with an external grid. Learn more.


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