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CLC Science Server

Science Server


CLC Science Server is an advanced three-tier solution offering secure, powerful, and flexible bioinformatics computing on a server located centrally in your organization.

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CLC Science Server - Three-tier

Good reasons to invest in a CLC Science Server

  • Server software running on all major platforms (Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux)
  • Data backend: Your file system, your existing database(s) (you can integrate it by using our API), or CLC Bioinformatics Database (Microsoft SQL Server 2003 & 2008, Oracle, mySQL, PostgreSQL, or H2), or any combination of the three
  • Client software: Any CLC Workbench, any Web browser, and any custom developed clients can access the server concurrently

Among others, CLC Science Server provides you with:

  • A powerful and modern three-tier server architecture
  • Flexible options of executing centralized services
  • Easy integration with other applications and services
  • Powerful data integration and the possibility for database communication
  • Secure access control framework and central action logging


Improve your scientific informatics infrastructure

With CLC Science Server, you will benefit from seamless data-sharing between your users. As highlights it is worth mentioning:

  • Strong data encryption between clients and server with SSL
  • Privilege control, that will help controlling and managing your bioinformatics data through an advanced permission system, based on user groups
  • LDAP and Microsoft Active Directory support for your user account management
  • Integrate and deploy existing bioinformatics tools and binaries from 3rd parties, with our External Application Integration support
  • Creation BLAST databases and run BLAST jobs on the server against either databases on the server file system or temporary “on-the-fly” databases

See the latest improvements of CLC Science Server

Available bioinformatics analyses

Most of the analyses available on CLC Main Workbench can be executed on CLC Science Server. See the full list .

Supported data formats

The data formats supported on CLC Science Server is the same as for CLC Main Workbench. Learn more.

Three-tier architecture


CLC Main Workbench is the easy-to-use graphical interface for working with shared files, analysing and visualizing data. All analysis available on CLC Science Server can be started from CLC Main Workbench. Learn more.

The server also comes with an administrative web interface and command line tools, and there is even the option to design your own client. Learn more.


Right from the start, CLC Science Server has been designed for advanced customization. This makes it one of the most flexible bioinformatics platforms in the world.

There are several approaches and options for customization to choose from. Learn more.

Data Management

CLC Science Server comes with a flexible data management solution, which is based on years of experience with large amounts of genomics data. This ensures a smooth handling and viewing of data across networks, based on user actions. Learn more.


CLC Science Server has support for a CLC Job Node setup as well as for integration with an external grid. Learn more.