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Here is a comparison of our desktop software based on an overall level of subjects.


Feature in CLC Genomics Workbench
Feature in CLC Main Workbench
Feature in CLC Sequence Viewer
Feature in CLC Drug Discovery Workbench
Next Generation Sequencing analysis
Transcriptomics (Gene expression features also available in CLC Main Workbench)
RNA secondary structure
Primer design
Assembly of Sanger sequencing data
Molecular cloning
Nucleotide analyses
GenBank Entrez searches
Sequence alignment
Phylogenetic trees
Detailed history log
Batch processing
Customization of your workbenches
Custom visualization of protein structure
BLAST searches
Protein analyses
Pattern discovery and motif search
Structure based drug design
Virtual screening
Binding pocket finder
Molecular docking
Molecule interaction analysis
Molecule library handling


Bioinformatics Software

CLC bio offers a range of desktop based bioinformatics products that all run on Mac OS X, Windows, and Linux operating systems.

Share your data with colleagues

CLC Bioinformatics Database is a smart and efficient solution for sharing your bioinformatics data in a centralized and secure client/server architecture.

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Enterprise solution

CLC bio provides several solutions for building and managing a modern and efficient enterprise-wide bioinformatics platform in organizations of any size; from the small biotech start-up to the large pharmaceutical or agricultural company.

The core of CLC bio’s enterprise solution is our three-tier client / server / database solution offering CLC Genomics Server, CLC Science Server and CLC Bioinformatics Database.

Integration of existing bioinformatics tools, algorithms, and databases with the CLC Server solution is easily carried out using our Software Developer Kit (SDK). The SDK is Java based and so simple that many of our customers carry out the integration work themselves. Others are assisted by us in the process.

CLC Genomics Machine

Our turnkey solution, for small research labs. It includes CLC Genomics Server and CLC Genomics Workbench. Everything is preinstalled on a powerful desktop computer or server blade – ready to plug-in and run from the day it is delivered.

CLC Genomics Factory

Our turnkey solution for medium and large research labs that needs a complete IT infrastructure for their NGS data analysis.

Software that fits your exact requirements

Our modern and flexible IT architecture makes it fast and easy for us to develop customized workbenches. Examples could be:

  • Customizing the workbenches to your laboratory workflow in order to increase your speed of work
  • Specialized primer design tools, enabling better planning of lab experiments
  • Fully integrated searches in your own local databases, reducing tedious manual work
  • Individualized HMM based analysis, resulting in more precise scientific results
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Software Developer Kit

If someone in your organization is a Java developer, you can choose to do some or all of the development yourself through our software Developer Kit.

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CLC Academy

CLC Academy offers you courses in the use of our bioinformatics solutions. Our experts will teach you and your colleagues how to use our solutions for working with the bioinformatics analysis of your interest. We can of course customize the course to meet your specific needs.

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