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Why choose
CLC bio?

How do you plan to solve your sequencing data analysis challenges tomorrow?



Flexible in every way

Although our own tools are world class, we acknowledge that third party commercial tools and open source tools often offer high value to our customers, which is why we have built an open analysis platform that easily integrates with external software. That ensures our users access to their preferred algorithms from a single user-friendly, graphical user-interface where the biologists can operate on all computer platforms, even though many of these tools are originally only supported on Linux.

If you have in-house resources with programming skills, it’s straightforward to use our freely available Application Programming Interface to integrate any algorithms, existing systems, or even your own specialized scripts. You can also get inspiration for such projects through our worldwide developer community which has more than one thousand external developers. Organizations that don’t have the time or internal resources can utilize CLC bio’s own experts in our consulting department, who have made and rolled out customized integrations and plug-ins for some of the biggest agro and life science organizations worldwide.

The power of being cross-platform

One of our key strategies is to be ‘cross-platform’, which is something we implement in all areas. That means we support all the major next generation sequencing platforms and of course also traditional Sanger-based sequencing. In terms of operating systems we support Mac OS X, Windows, and Linux. Furthermore, we support a wide variety of file systems and database management systems, such as Oracle, MySQL, and Microsoft SQL, among others. In summary, we want to give our users the power and flexibility to use and mix whatever platforms they like, without any constraints, enabling them to focus on their science and not on compatibility issues.


It’s all about being user-friendly

What is the value of developing the newest state-of-the-art algorithm, if only a few people in your organization know how to run the analysis? (And they’re busy updating the rest of the setup?)

Our software is made by biologists for biologists, as we believe in the value of putting user-friendly analysis capabilities in the hands of those who have the expert knowledge to interpret the results. And if they want to tweak the settings and run the analysis again, it’s only a few clicks right at their fingertips, rather than scheduling an appointment with the bioinformatics core (who are busy patching the analysis pipeline).

Did you know…

…that 2000 organizations around the globe have invested in CLC bio, including the world’s most prominent research institutions as well as the ten largest pharmaceutical companies?

Expect nothing but world class

The built-in tools of our platform are extremely optimized and always up-to-date with standards, protocols, and platforms. The speed of most of our algorithms have never been matched by other companies or open-source alternatives. It’s not because we cheat or use magic tricks.

The explanation is actually simple: Since 2005 we have dedicated a skilled team to focus on nothing else than to continuously improve our software. So we believe our customers have the right to expect world class performance. And that is exactly what we deliver, as demonstrated over and over in white-papers, academic publications, and third party benchmarks.


Free your experts to take your research further

General estimates say 80% of all global bioinformatics human resources are spent on everything but bioinformatics, like building user-interfaces, web-services, enterprise architectures and not least on keeping these infrastructures running and updated with the latest software versions.

In other words, the vast majority of the resources are spent on inventing and re-inventing the wheel.

If you put a platform in place that supports all of this, your bioinformatics experts can then focus on taking your exact research to the next level – where the scientific value lies.

Supporting the latest scientific developments

As the commercial marketleader within bioinformatics software and infrastructure, CLC bio receives input for future product developments directly from several thousands of scientists, many of them world class, within cancer research, plant and animal genomics, and molecular diagnostics.

Our future products and features will thus always reflect the latest scientific developments. We’re also part of multiple research grants, further emphasizing our commitment to being at the cutting edge within high-throughput sequencing.

Why not let the experts tailor you the perfect fit, rather than going for a standard factory-made 
model or stitching your own solution from scratch?

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Why Choose CLC bio?

How do you plan to solve your sequencing data analysis cHallenges tomorrow?