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Maintenance & Support program

Maintenance, Upgrade & Support

CLC bio’s Services

All our customers with an active Maintenance, Upgrade & Support contract will benefit from the following services:

Throughout 2012 we have released several hundreds of improvements to our software, enterprise solutions and high performance computing:

  • 253 Improvements to CLC Genomics Workbench
  • 106 Improvements to CLC Main Workbench
  • 206 Improvements of CLC Genomics Server
  • 22 Improvements of CLC Bioinformatics Database
  • 28 Improvements of CLC Assembly Cell

This fast pace of upgrade & releases continues.

Key benefits of our Maintenance, Upgrade, & Support Program

  • Our customer service and support team includes highly specialized employees at our offices in Europe, USA, and Asia.
  • Our large and productive team of product developers work to continuously improve our software to respond to the growing analysis and data handling needs of our customers.
  • Our strong focus on customer driven product development ensures that our product improvements provide high value to customers. Feedback and suggestions provided by customers directly, as well as that from CLC bio staff working with our customers in the field, contribute to our development planning, so that product upgrades and product expansions reflect what is needed by the user community.
  • We provide a platform of many software packages that are fully integrated – from advanced primer design in CLC Main Workbench to high-throughput NGS data analysis in CLC Genomics Workbench. And from single user software to enterprise level, server based software. We are evolving with our customers, and we provide the flexibility that our customers need for growing their IT solution along with increased data analysis needs.


Please send an email to or call your local CLC bio office if you need information about renewing your Maintenance on existing licenses, or if you have any general questions or comments.