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CLC support

Easy to contact

One email address gives you access to our globally active Support team.

CLC bio takes a no-nonsense approach to customer support. We understand that to take full advantage of the rapidly changing technological landscape, biologists and bioinformaticians alike need up-to-date bioinformatics solutions that can scale with the assays and technologies their work depends on.

Alongside the development and provision of CLC bio software, we ensure that our customers have access to high quality, comprehensive supporting resources. Our extensive manuals, white papers, and tutorials provide information about how our software works and how to use it. These resources are backed up by access to our highly qualified Support team, who use their deep and diverse skill sets, gained from their experience in research and industry, to ensure that customer questions are properly addressed.

The details

The goal of CLC bio’s Support team is to help our customers with any technical or application related questions, as well as providing day to day troubleshooting. To this end, CLC bio employs a highly qualified and experienced Support team with expertise in biology, bioinformatics, computer sciences, statistics, and IT. More than 80% of our team holds a graduate degree (with more than 50% holding a PhD degree) and can look back on experience in both academia and industry.

In addition to the in-house Support team, CLC bio has a team of Application Scientists, who can provide services such as onsite training, supported product installations, and webinars.
Employing a skilled and experienced Support team is core to the comprehensive customer support provided by CLC bio. In addition, we rely on a sophisticated electronic support system that tracks incoming customer requests and providing the following benefits to our customers:
  • Quick response times – our global Support team, present on three continents, aim to field incoming questions within a business day – we achieve addressing most questions within hours.
  • Access to a broad skill set – relying on the electronic support system the global Support team can act as a single, coordinated unit ensuring that the team members with the strongest expertise relevant to your questions can contribute to a response.
  • Fast and comprehensive exchange with developers – the electronic support system used by the Support team communicates directly to the systems used by our development teams, allowing for fast and effective action on issues reported as arising with our software. This direct connection also allows us to ensure that your valuable feedback and feature requests are collected and presented to our developer team for consideration.
  • Communication history – your interaction with the Support team is recorded, allowing all members of our team to be equally informed of your setup and your science when handling follow-up questions, should they arise.
Remaining to close contact with our users in the clinical, corporate, and academic research communities is an important component of how we continue to ensure that CLC bio products are ready to meet today’s and tomorrow’s needs for bioinformatics solutions.

Helpdesk benefits

High quality support

Our in-house Support team members are based in Denmark, the U.S., and Japan. Together we act as a globally coordinated unit and are thus able to leverage a diverse set of skills from around the world to address your questions.

Coordinated with the development process

Our Support team actively feed back your suggestions and information related to the software to our development team.